tinski Quartett

Tunes of the Stars


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Photo: @framedbytruecolor / @nikitawhat

Myths, Stars, Galaxies

The infinite and unexplored expanses of the universe have fascinated mankind since time immemorial.
Inspired by such fantastic stories, the Tinski Quartet develops a thrilling
world of sound.
Touching melodies of a brilliant trumpet voice, which resembles the glitter of the stars, float weightlessly through a cosmos of chilling grooves and tricky rhythms.
Unconventional forms and minimalist-meditative elements open up a galaxy with plenty of room for improvisation and interaction. An invitation to dream.
Stars are characterized musically, sonic oases are created and myths are taken up melodically, just like a journey on Pegasus to Orion.


Philipp Reinsch (tp), Martina Wildt (p), Fabian Fischer (dr), Felix Barth (b)